11TH BIOLOGY (Advance)

11TH BIOLOGY (Advance)

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11TH  BIOLOGY (Advance)




Cardiac Pacemaker APK .apk File

Characteristics of living organisms .jpg File

Taxonomy as a science .jpg File

Rules of Nomenclature .jpg File

Binomial nomenclature .jpg File

Taxonomic categories of classification .jpg File

Classification of living things .jpg File

Whittaker's system of classification .jpg File

General characters of kingdom monera .jpg File

Prokaryotes .jpg File

Structure of the prokaryotic cell .jpg File

Bacterial transformation and conjugation .jpg File

Genetic recombination in bacteria (Transducti .jpg File

Kingdom Protista .jpg File

Protozoans .jpg File

Euglena .jpg File

Algae and diatoms .jpg File

Fungi I .jpg File

Fungi II .jpg File

Structure of fungi .jpg File

Viruses .jpg File

Lytic and lysogenic cycle in virus .jpg File

Mycoplasma .jpg File

Liverworts and lichens .jpg File

Kingdom Plantae or Metaphyta .jpg File

Cryptogams .jpg File

Phanerogams .jpg File

Red and Brown Algae .jpg File

Algae and diatoms .jpg File

Alternation of generations in bryophytes .jpg File

Liverworts and lichens .jpg File

Pteridophytes .jpg File

Gymnosperms .jpg File

Angiosperms .jpg File

Alternation of generation - spirogyra .jpg File

Alternation of generation in angiosperms .jpg File

Levels of organization .jpg File

Body organization (Levels) .jpg File

Body organization (Germ layers and symmetry) .jpg File

Body organization (Coelom) .jpg File

Body organization (Notochord and vertebral co .jpg File

Classification of animals .jpg File

Metazoa (porifera) .jpg File

Hydra and sponges .jpg File

Filter feeding .jpg File

Eumetazoa (coelenterata) .jpg File

Regeneration among animals .jpg File

Phylum Ctenophora .jpg File

Phylum (Platyhelminthes) .jpg File

Phylum (Nemathelminthes) .jpg File

Phylum Annelida .jpg File

Worms .jpg File

Arthropoda .jpg File

General characteristics of insects .jpg File

Aphids .jpg File

Mollusca .jpg File

Starfish and snail .jpg File

Phylum Echinodermata .jpg File

Hemichordata and chordates .jpg File

Chordata (protochordata) .jpg File

Chordates and mammals .jpg File

Subphylum Vertebrata .jpg File

Agnatha .jpg File

Superclass Pisces .jpg File

Fish .jpg File

Osteichthyes and chondrichthyes .jpg File

Super class - Tetrapoda .jpg File

Fish and amphibia .jpg File

Class-Reptilia .jpg File

Reptiles and birds .jpg File

Class Aves .jpg File

Class-Mammalia .jpg File

The plant .jpg File

Anatomy of root .jpg File

Root modifications (For vital functions) .jpg File

Root system (Functions and modifications) .jpg File

Sub-aerial modifications (Stem) .jpg File

Aerial stem modifications .jpg File

Underground stem modifications .jpg File

Branching .jpg File

Structure of the leaf .jpg File

Types of venation .jpg File

Types of leaves I .jpg File

Different kinds of leaves .jpg File

Leaf of maize .jpg File

Phyllotaxy .jpg File

Insectivory .jpg File

Plant modifications (For protection and photo .jpg File

Leaf modification in bladderwort .jpg File

Inflorescence - I .jpg File

Inflorescence - II .jpg File

Typical flower .jpg File

Morphology of flower .jpg File

Types of flowers .jpg File

Position of the ovary .jpg File

Placentation .jpg File

Aestivation .jpg File

Simple fruits File

Fruits .jpg File

Types of seeds .jpg File

Maize seed .jpg File

Maize seed .jpg File

Floral formula .jpg File

Brassicaceae (Mustard plant) .jpg File

Fabaceae .jpg File

Solanaceae .jpg File

Liliaceae .jpg File

Plant tissues (Meristematic tissues) .jpg File

Meristematic tissue .jpg File

Simple tissues .jpg File

Plant tissues (Permanent tissues I) .jpg File

Plant tissues (Permanent tissues II) .jpg File

Types of xylem .jpg File

Organization of plant tissue systems .jpg File

Plant tissue system .jpg File

Types of vascular bundles .jpg File

Internal structure of dicot root .jpg File

Monocot root anatomy .jpg File

Anatomy of dicot stem .jpg File

Internal structure of a monocot stem .jpg File

Internal structure of dicotyledonous leaf .jpg File

Leaf of maize .jpg File

Secondary growth and annual rings .jpg File

Heartwood and sapwood .jpg File

Lenticel .jpg File

Activity of cork cambium (Stem) .jpg File

Cork and vascular cambium (Dicot Root) .jpg File

Epithelial tissue .jpg File

Connective tissues .jpg File

Adipose tissue .jpg File

Areolar connective tissues .jpg File

Structure of the bone .jpg File

Ligaments .jpg File

Blood Composition .jpg File

Muscle tissues and nervous tissues .jpg File

Types of human muscles .jpg File

Structure of neuron .mp4 File

Types of neurons .jpg File

Levels of Organization (Anatomy) .jpg File

Earthworm .jpg File

Locomotion in an earthworm .jpg File

Digestive system (Earthworm) .jpg File

Circulatory system (Earthworm) .jpg File

Excretory system (Earthworm) .jpg File

Nervous system (Earthworm) .jpg File

Reproductive system (Earthworm) .jpg File

Cockroach .jpg File

Digestive system of cockroach .jpg File

Circulatory system in cockroach .jpg File

Excretory system (Cockroach) .jpg File

Compound eye - Cockroach .jpg File

Nervous system of cockroach .jpg File

Reproductive system (Cockroach) .jpg File

Frog (Skin) .jpg File

External anatomy of frog (Head) .jpg File

External anatomy of frog (Trunk) .jpg File

Blood vascular system - Frog .jpg File

Respiratory organs of frog .jpg File

Circulatory system in amphibians .jpg File

L.S. of frog's brain .jpg File

Brain of frog (Structure and functions) .jpg File

Reproductive system (Frog) .jpg File

Excretory organs of frog .jpg File

Cell and cell theory .jpg File

Microscope and Cells .jpg File

Shape of cells .jpg File

Number and size of cells .jpg File

Animal cell .mp4 File

Cell structure in plants .jpg File

Plant cell and animal cell .jpg File

Prokaryotes .jpg File

Structure of the prokaryotic cell .jpg File

Eukaryotic cell .jpg File

The partially permeable cell membrane .jpg File

Role of components of a cell membrane .jpg File

Physiology of cell membrane .jpg File

Endocytosis and exocytosis .jpg File

Bulk transport .jpg File

Transport across membranes .jpg File

Cell wall and vacuoles .jpg File

Cell structure (Plant cell) .jpg File

Cell structure (Plant cell) .jpg File

Cell organelles (ER, Golgi body) .jpg File

Nucleus and lysosomes .jpg File

Structure of Mitochondria .jpg File

Evolution of mitochondria and chloroplast .jpg File

Plastids .jpg File

Cell organelles (Ribosomes, centrioles) .jpg File

Structure of Cilia in Paramecium .jpg File

Ribosomes and centrioles .jpg File

Monosaccharide and Disaccharide .jpg File

Simple tests for carbohydrates, fats and prot .jpg File

Proteins and Fats .jpg File

Amino Acids .jpg File

Carbohydrates .jpg File

Organic molecules of life - Nucleic acids .jpg File

Importance of nucleic acids .jpg File

DNA Structure .jpg File

Enzymes as biocatalysts .jpg File

Enzymes .jpg File

Mechanism of enzyme action and enzyme inhibit .jpg File

Properties of enzymes .jpg File

Enzyme inhibition .jpg File

Effect of pH on enzymes .jpg File

Effect of temperature on enzymatic activity .jpg File

Cofactors .jpg File

Cell division (Mitosis) .jpg File

Meiosis .jpg File

Variation .jpg File

Diffusion .jpg File

Donnan equilibrium .jpg File

Active transport of solutes .jpg File

Water potential .jpg File

Osmosis .jpg File

Plasmolysis .jpg File

Imbibition and absorption .jpg File

Ascent of sap - Activity .jpg File

Transport of water .jpg File

Transport of water through the casparian stri .jpg File

Theories for ascent of sap .jpg File

Experiment on transpiration .jpg File

Transpiration .jpg File

Absorption of mineral salts .jpg File

Pressure flow hypothesis .jpg File

Hydroponics .jpg File

Mineral nutrition in plants .jpg File

Transport of water through the casparian stri .jpg File

Absorption of mineral salts .jpg File

Ascent of sap - Activity .jpg File

Soil constituents .jpg File

Nitrogen cycle .jpg File

Nitrogen fixation .jpg File

Photosynthesis in plants .jpg File

Site of photosynthesis .jpg File

Raw materials for photosynthesis .jpg File

Photosynthesis - Trapping light energy .jpg File

Photosynthesis (Light reaction) .jpg File

Chemiosmosis (ATP synthesis) .jpg File

Dark reaction (Calvin cycle) .jpg File

Photorespiration .jpg File

Principle of limiting factors .jpg File

Respiration in plants .jpg File

Anaerobic respiration .jpg File

Anaerobic respiration (Cellular) .jpg File

Characteristics of growth .jpg File

Measurement of growth .jpg File

Phases of growth .jpg File

Differentiation, dedifferentiation and rediff .jpg File

Plant development .jpg File

Plant growth substances .jpg File

Growth regulators in plants (Phytohormones) .jpg File

Experimental demonstration of apical dominanc .jpg File

Plant Hormones .jpg File

Abscission .jpg File

Physiology of photoperiodism .jpg File

Monocot seed germination .jpg File

Detailed digestive system I .jpg File

Detailed digestive system II .jpg File

Mobility of human gut .jpg File

Accessory digestive organs .jpg File

Physiology of digestion .jpg File

Protein digestion .jpg File

Human digestive system .jpg File

Absorption and assimilation of digested food .jpg File

Diarrhoea .jpg File

Human respiratory system .jpg File

Respiratory system (Larynx) .jpg File

Structure of the lungs .jpg File

Mechanism of breathing in man .jpg File

Tidal volume .jpg File

Pulmonary air volumes and lung capacities .jpg File

Bohr effect and Chloride Shift .jpg File

Exchange surfaces .jpg File

Exchange of gases .jpg File

Transport of oxygen .jpg File

Gaseous transport .jpg File

The oxygen-haemoglobin dissociation curve .jpg File

Haldane effect .jpg File

Transport of carbon dioxide (In plasma) .jpg File

Regulation of respiration .jpg File

Smoking - A dangerous habit .jpg File

Blood Composition .jpg File

Functions of leucocytes .jpg File

Blood groups .jpg File

Blood clotting .jpg File

Lymphatic system .jpg File

Heart .jpg File

Heart and blood circulation .jpg File

Valves of the heart .jpg File

Cardiac Pacemaker .jpg File

Heartbeat, Pulse and Heart sounds .jpg File

ECG and EEG .jpg File

Double circulation .jpg File

Blood vessels .jpg File

Sphygmomanometer .jpg File

Atherosclerosis (Heart disease) .jpg File

Disorders of the heart .jpg File

Arteriosclerosis .jpg File

Excretion in human beings .jpg File

Complex tubular excretory system .jpg File

Ultrastructure of kidney .jpg File

Urine formation .jpg File

Nephron (Structure and functions) .mp4 File

Filtration rate (Kidney) .jpg File

Thermoregulation by the skin .jpg File

Dialysis .jpg File

Locomotion in animals .jpg File

Muscles .jpg File

Types of human muscles .jpg File

Types of muscle fibers .jpg File

Role of muscles and bones in movement .jpg File

Ultrastructure of skeletal muscles .jpg File

Red and white muscle fibres .jpg File

Actin and myosin filament .jpg File

Mechanism of muscle fibre contraction .jpg File

The skull .jpg File

Vertebral column .jpg File

Axial skeleton (Rib cage) .jpg File

Appendicular skeleton (Forelimbs and Hind lim .jpg File

Girdle bones .jpg File

Endoskeleton and hydrostatic skeleton .jpg File

Joints .jpg File

Joints as a lever system .jpg File

Bone disorder (Osteoporosis) .jpg File

Fracture .jpg File

Types of fractures .jpg File

Scoliosis .jpg File

Human nervous system I .jpg File

Types of Nervous system .jpg File

Sub systems of the nervous system (CNS, PNS) .jpg File

Human nervous system (Neuron) .jpg File

Structure of neuron .mp4 File

Neuroglial cells .jpg File

Types of neurons .jpg File

Impulse transmission (Action potential) .jpg File

Neuromuscular junction .jpg File

Synaptic transmission .jpg File

Impulse transmission .jpg File

Brain (Anatomy and function) .jpg File

Structure of the brain: Forebrain .jpg File

Midbrain and Hindbrain .jpg File

Spinal cord (Myelon) .jpg File

Reflex action .jpg File

Sensory reception and processing .jpg File

Eye (Anatomy and physiology) .jpg File

Accommodation of the eye .jpg File

Vision .jpg File

Organs of hearing and balance .jpg File

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