3RD (Foundation)

3RD (Foundation)

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3RD (Foundation)
3RD CBSE Contents




Day and Night Cycle .mp4 File

A day with Jojo .dm File

Living Things .dm File

Food Chain .dm File

Leaves of Plants .dm File

Primary Functions of Roots .dm File

Sense Organs .dm File

Taking Care of your Teeth .dm File

Limbs .dm File

Food and Growth .dm File

Preparing Healthy Food .dm File

Food for Health .dm File

Erosion .dm File

Properties of Soil and its Uses .dm File

Clay Soil .dm File

Loam .dm File

Sandy Soil .dm File

Sandy Soil .dm File

Composition of Soil .dm File

Soil Horizons .dm File

Importance of Soil and its Formation .dm File

Water Cycle .dm File

Layers of the Earth's Atmosphere .dm File

The Three Phases of Water .dm File

What is Weather? .dm File

Formation and Types of Clouds .dm File

Structure of the Earth .dm File

Phases of the Moon .dm File

Solar System (The Inner Planets) .dm File

Solar System (The Outer Planets) .dm File

The Sun, Moon and Stars .dm File

Seasons .dm File

Day and Night Cycle .dm File

Lunar Phases .dm File

The Moon .dm File

The Sun in the Sky .dm File

Molecular Arrangement in Gases .dm File

Molecular Arrangement in Liquids .dm File

Molecular Arrangement in Solids .dm File

Light and Shadow .dm File

Measurement of Length (Part-1) .dm File

Measurement of Length (Part-1) .dm File

Measurement of Length (Part-2) .dm File

Renewable Resources of Energy .dm File

Forces and Motion .dm File

Water pollution .dm File

Sources of Air Pollution .dm File

Pollution .dm File

Noise Pollution .dm File

Recycling Waste .dm File

Rubbish and Litter .dm File

Saving Energy and the Environment .dm File

Safety Habits .dm File

First - Aid .dm File

Transport .dm File

People and occupations .dm File

Means of transport .dm File

My family .dm File

My Home .dm File

Characteristics of a good house .dm File

My House .dm File

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