9TH (Core)

9TH (Core)

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9TH (Core)
9TH CBSE,9TH CBSE Mathematics,9TH CBSE Science

9TH CBSE,9TH CBSE Mathematics,9TH CBSE Science



Number System: Revision .jpg File

Irrational Numbers .jpg File

Irrational numbers as non-terminating non-recurring decimals .jpg File

Properties of Irrational Numbers .jpg File

Fractions to Decimals and Decimals to Fractions .jpg File

Representation of a Decimal Number on the Number Line .jpg File

Rational Numbers on the Number Line and their Order Relation .jpg File

Irrational Number on the Number Line .jpg File

Irrational Numbers: Geometrical Representation .jpg File

The n-th roots of Real Numbers .jpg File

Exponent Rule (Power Rule) .jpg File

Exponent Rule: Multiplication and Division .jpg File

Introduction to Polynomials .jpg File

A polynomial .jpg File

Monomial, Binomial, and Trinomial .jpg File

Degree of a Polynomial .jpg File

Polynomial and a term .jpg File

Zeroes of a Polynomial .jpg File

Dividing polynomial by a polynomial: Division .jpg File

Remainder theorem .jpg File

Application of the Remainder Theorem .jpg File

Application of the Remainder Theorem: Example .jpg File

Remainder Theorem: Illustration .jpg File

Remainder Theorem: Example .jpg File

Factorization of Algebraic Expressions .jpg File

Factorization Using Algebraic Identities .jpg File

Factorization by Writing the Polynomial as Difference of Two .jpg File

Factors of a Trinomial .jpg File

HCF of Polynomials .jpg File

Factors of the difference of two perfect squares: Illustrati .jpg File

The Division of a Trinomial by a Trinomial .jpg File

(a + b)? .jpg File

Expansion of (a + b)? .jpg File

Perfect Square Polynomial .jpg File

Perfect Square Polynomial: illustration 1 .jpg File

Perfect Square Polynomial: Illustration .jpg File

Perfect square trinomial: illustration .jpg File

(a - b)? .jpg File

Expansion of (a - b)? .jpg File

Examples of (a + b)? and (a - b)? .jpg File

a? - b? .jpg File

Expansion of (a b) (a - b) .jpg File

(a + b)? .jpg File

Factorization: (a? + b?) and (a? - b?) .jpg File

(a + b + c)? .jpg File

Coordinate geometry .jpg File

Coordinate system in R? .jpg File

Coordinate system in R? .jpg File

Cartesian coordinate system .jpg File

Cartesian Coordinate System .jpg File

Cartesian Coordinate Plane .jpg File

Quadrant .jpg File

Ordered pair corresponding to a point in the Coordinate Plan .jpg File

Plotting Point in the Coordinate Plane .jpg File

Finding Coordinates of a Point in the Coordinate Plane .jpg File

Linear Equations in Two Variables .jpg File

Solve the linear equation: 2x + 7/2 = 9/2 .jpg File

Linear Equation in Two Variables .jpg File

Solving linear equation .jpg File

Solving linear equation: Example .jpg File

Solution of linear equations in two variables .jpg File

Linear Equations in Two Variables: Graphical Representation .jpg File

The Graph of the Linear Equation ax + by + c = 0 .jpg File

Graph of Linear Equation: Illustration .jpg File

The Graph of a Line Parallel to the x-axis .jpg File

The Graph of a Line Parallel to the y-axis .jpg File

Euclid's Geometry .jpg File

Lines and Angles .jpg File

Types of Angles: Definitions .jpg File

Collinear and Non - collinear points .jpg File

Vertically Opposite angles .jpg File

Linear pair of angles .jpg File

Intersecting Lines, Parallel Lines and Transversal .jpg File

Points equidistant from two mutually intersecting lines .jpg File

Intersection of lines : Illustration .jpg File

Supplementary and complementary angles: Illustration .jpg File

Theorem: Vertically Opposite Angles are Congruent .jpg File

Corresponding Angles .jpg File

Transversal .jpg File

Intercepts made by parallel lines on their transversal .jpg File

Interior angles on the same side of a transversal .jpg File

Angles Formed by Two Lines and their Transversal: Alternate .jpg File

Construction: Parallel lines (Alternate Interior Angles Prop .jpg File

Construction: Parallel Lines (Using Corresponding Angles Pro .jpg File

About parallel lines .jpg File

Parallel lines .jpg File

Parallel lines: Illustration - 3 .jpg File

Parallel lines: Theorem .jpg File

Theorem on angles formed by parallel lines .jpg File

Parallel lines: Illustrations .jpg File

Parallel line: Illustration - 2 .jpg File

Angles (Illustration) .jpg File

Triangle Angle Sum Theorem: Illustration .jpg File

Angles in a Polygon .dm File

Exterior Angles of a Polygon .dm File

Exterior Angle Theorem .dm File

Similarity of Triangles: Introduction .dm File

Equivalent figures .dm File

Congruence of triangles: Introduction .dm File

Triangular and quadrangular regions .dm File

Congruence of Triangles .dm File

Criteria for Congruence of Triangles .dm File

Congruence of Triangles - SAS Criterion .dm File

Application of SAS Congruence Criterion .dm File

Application of ASA Criterion for Congruence of Triangles .dm File

Property of an Isosceles Triangle .dm File

Altitudes of an Equilateral Triangle .dm File

An Application of SAS Postulate .dm File

Application of SSS and SAS Criteria for Congruence of Triang .dm File

Application of SSS Similarity Criterion .dm File

SSS Criterion for Congruence: Illustration .dm File

Perpendicular bisectors of the sides of a triangle .dm File

Perpendicular bisector: Theorem .dm File

Congruence of Triangles - SSS Criterion .dm File

Congruent Triangles ? RHS Criterion .dm File

Application of RHS Criterion for Congruence .dm File

RHS Criterion for Congruence of Triangles .dm File

Inequalities of measures of sides and angles of a triangle - .dm File

Triangle Inequality Theorem .dm File

Inequalities of measures of sides and angles of a triangle - .dm File

Quadrilateral in a Plane .dm File

Quadrilateral .dm File

Types of Quadrilaterals .dm File

Cyclic Quadrilateral and its Properties .dm File

Notion of a convex quadrilateral and its parts .dm File

Special convex quadrilaterals .dm File

Special Convex Quadrilateral: Trapezium .dm File

Quadrilateral: Illustration .dm File

Theorems about parallelograms .dm File

Parallelogram and its Properties .dm File

Theorem on diagonals of parallelograms .dm File

Understanding Quadrilaterals: Rectangle and Rhombus .dm File

Properties of Diagonals of a Square .dm File

Property of Angles of a Parallelogram: Illustration .dm File

Parallelogram properties: Illustration .dm File

Property of the Diagonals of a Rhombus .dm File

Midpoint of a line segment .dm File

Midpoint Theorem .dm File

Mid-Point Theorem .dm File

Converse of the Midpoint Theorem .dm File

Some Theorems on Area of Parallelograms .dm File

Circle: A Few Definitions .dm File

Interior and Exterior of a Circle .dm File

Arc of a circle .dm File

Segment of a Circle .dm File

Angle Subtended by the Minor Arc at the Centre .dm File

Segments of a chord .dm File

Congruent and Parallel Chords of a Circle: Illustration .dm File

The Perpendicular from the Centre of a Circle to a Chord .dm File

Concentric Circles: Chord of the Larger circle, which Touche .dm File

Perpendicular Distance of a Chord from the Centre: Illustrat .dm File

Finding Length of the Chord: Illustration .dm File

Bisector of a Chord from the Centre of a Circle .dm File

Perpendicular Bisector of a Chord of a Circle .dm File

Congruent Chords: Illustration .dm File

Congruent Chords and their Distances from the Centre: Theore .dm File

Chords Equidistant from the centre: Theorem .dm File

Angle Subtended by an Arc of a Circle at a Point of the Circ .dm File

Circumcircle: Illustration .dm File

Angle Subtended by Arcs at the Centre of the Circle .dm File

An Angle Inscribed in a Semicircle : Theorem .dm File

Arcs and Chords of a Circle: Illustration .dm File

Angle Subtended by an Arc of a Circle: Illustration .dm File

Angles in the Same Segment of a Circle: Illustration .dm File

Congruent Arcs .dm File

Application of Central Angle Theorem .dm File

Arcs and Angles: Central Angle Theorem .dm File

Congruent Arcs: Theorem .dm File

Concyclic Points .dm File

To Construct the Bisector of a given Angle .dm File

To construct the Perpendicular Bisector of a given Line Segm .dm File

Construction: Congruent Angle and Angles of Measure 60? and .dm File

Construction: Angle Bisector and an Angle of 30? .dm File

Construction of a Triangle (Given: Base, Vertical Angle, and .dm File

Construction of a Triangle (Given: Base, Vertical Angle, and .dm File

Construction of a Triangle given its Base, a Base Angle and .dm File

Construction of a Triangle (Given: Base Angles and Perimeter .dm File

Construction of a Triangle of Area Equal to the Area of a Gi .dm File

Construction: Right-Angled Triangle .dm File

Construction: Circumcircle .dm File

Construction: Incircle .dm File

Practical problems involving the area of the four walls .dm File

Surface area of Cuboid: Practical Problem .dm File

Surface Area of a Cylinder: Practical problems .dm File

Surface Area of a Cone .dm File

Surface Area of a Right Prism .dm File

Surface Area of a Pyramid .dm File

Surface Area of a Hemisphere .dm File

Surface Area of a Sphere .dm File

Calculation of volume: Cube and Cuboid .dm File

Volume of a Solid .dm File

Practical problems of volume : Cubes and Cuboids .dm File

Volume of a Cylinder: Introduction .dm File

Volume of a Cylinder .dm File

Practical Application of Mensuration .dm File

Volume of a Cone .dm File

Introduction to a Prism .dm File

Volume of a Prism .dm File

Introduction to Pyramid .dm File

Volume of a Pyramid .dm File

Volume of a Sphere .dm File

Volume of a Right Circular Cone and a Sphere .dm File

Statistics: Introduction .dm File

Data and its Types .dm File

Mean: Some Illustrations .dm File

Mean: Illustration - 1 .dm File

Mean of Ungrouped Data: Illustration .dm File

The classification of qualitative data and quantitative data .dm File

Frequency of Data: Illustration .dm File

Classification of quantitative data and frequency distributi .dm File

Tally Marks .dm File

Introduction to Bar Graphs .dm File

Reading a Bar Graph .dm File

Drawing a Bar Graph .dm File

Graphical Representation of Data: Histogram .dm File

Frequency Polygon .dm File

Frequency distribution from column graph and frequency polyg .dm File

Mean of Grouped Data: Illustration .dm File

Mean of the data .dm File

Median of Ungrouped Data .dm File

Median of Ungrouped Data: Illustration .dm File

Mode .dm File

Introduction to Probability .dm File

Probability: Mutually Exclusive Events .dm File

Introduction to Experimental Probability .dm File

States of Matter .dm File

States of Matter (Part-II) .dm File

Properties of Different States of Matter .dm File

Physical Nature of Matter .dm File

Molecular Arrangement .dm File

Diffusion .dm File

Arrangement and Diffusion of Molecules in Solids, Liquids an .dm File

Properties of Materials .dm File

Kinetic Theory of Matter-1 (SOLID) .dm File

Crystalline and Amorphous Solids .dm File

Kinetic Theory of Matter-2 (Liquids) .dm File

Effect of Pressure on Boiling Point .dm File

Kinetic Theory of Gases .dm File

Melting and Boiling Point of Water .dm File

Effect of Temperature on the Liquid State of Matter .dm File

Melting and Boiling Point .dm File

Specific Latent Heat .dm File

Heat and Temperature: The Concept .dm File

Sublimation .dm File

Factors Affecting Pressure of the Gas .dm File

Evaporation (Mechanism) .dm File

Factors Affecting the Rate of Evaporation of Water .dm File

Rate of Evaporation : Surface Area and Air Movement .dm File

Pressure Cooker .dm File

Effect of Pressure on the Gaseous State of Matter .dm File

Mixtures .dm File

Solutions and their Properties .dm File

Solvents and Solutes .dm File

Types of Solutions .dm File

Solubility and Saturation .dm File

Concentration of Solution .dm File

Suspensions and their Properties .dm File

Properties of a Colloid .dm File

Separation of Mixtures .dm File

Centrifugation .dm File

Separation of Liquid-Liquid Mixtures .dm File

Sublimation .dm File

Separation of Dyes in Black Ink Using Chromatography .dm File

Distillation .dm File

Separation of Gaseous Mixtures .dm File

Crystallization .dm File

Changes Around Us - I .dm File

Physical and Chemical Changes .dm File

Elements, Compounds and Mixtures .dm File

Compounds .dm File

Separation of Soluble Components from a Mixture .dm File

What is an Atom? .dm File

Molecular Formula .dm File

Atoms, Molecules and Ions .dm File

The Law of Conservation of Mass .dm File

Law of Multiple Proportions .dm File

Law of Definite Proportions or Constant Composition .dm File

Dalton's Atomic Theory .dm File

Polyatomic Ions .dm File

Chemical Formulae .dm File

Formulae of Compounds (Using Valencies) .dm File

The Mole Concept .dm File

Atomic Mass, Molecular Mass and Formula Unit Mass .dm File

Thomson's Atomic Model .dm File

Rutherford's Atomic Model .dm File

Rutherford's Alpha Particle Scattering Experiment .dm File

Nucleus - A General Introduction .dm File

Electronic Configuration of Elements .dm File

Noble Gases .dm File

Valency .dm File

Isotopes .dm File

Isobars .dm File

Structure of Onion peel and Cork cells .dm File

Number and size of cells .dm File

Shape of cells .dm File

Animal cell .dm File

Eukaryotic cell .dm File

Building blocks of life .dm File

Cell structure II .dm File

The partially permeable cell membrane .dm File

Role of components of a cell membrane .dm File

Cell structure specialization .dm File

Behaviour of plant cell (In water) .dm File

Osmosis .dm File

Osmosis with raisins .dm File

Cellular?characteristics for classification .dm File

Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells .dm File

Cell structure (Plant cell) .dm File

Nucleus and lysosomes .dm File

Structure of the prokaryotic cell .dm File

Prokaryota and eukaryota .dm File

Cell structure in plants .dm File

Plant cell and animal cell .dm File

Cytoplasm?and Lysosome .dm File

Functions of ER, Golgi and Ribosomes .dm File

Structure of Mitochondria .dm File

Ribosomes and centrioles .dm File

Flagella (Bacterium) .dm File

Plant and animal tissue .dm File

Epidermal cells & guard cells (Experiment) .dm File

Plant tissue system .dm File

Plant tissues (Meristematic tissues) .dm File

Meristematic tissue .dm File

Organization of plant tissue systems .dm File

Complex tissues (Xylem and phloem) .dm File

Plant tissues (Permanent tissues I) .dm File

Plant tissues (Permanent tissues II) .dm File

Permanent tissues (Simple tissues -1) .dm File

Protective tissues in plants .dm File

Animal tissues .dm File

Epithelial tissue .dm File

Connective tissues .dm File

Simple epithelial tissue .dm File

Areolar connective tissues .dm File

Adipose tissue .dm File

Structure of the bone .dm File

Ligaments .dm File

Muscle tissues and nervous tissues .dm File

Structure of neuron .dm File

Cells to organism .dm File

Classification of living things .dm File

Prokaryotic chromosome .dm File

Classification of eukaryota .dm File

Classification of animals .dm File

Origin of life (Biological) .dm File

Protozoans .dm File

Algae and diatoms .dm File

Euglena .dm File

Diatoms .dm File

Biological Classification .dm File

Yeast and fungi .dm File

Parasitic nutrition in fungus .dm File

Types of Fungi .dm File

Fungi .dm File

The plant .dm File

Xerophytes, halophytes and mesophytes .dm File

The hierarchy of classification .dm File

Red and Brown Algae .dm File

Liverworts and lichens .dm File

Pteridophytes .dm File

Gymnosperms .dm File

Difference between dicots and monocots .dm File

Hydra and sponges .dm File

Metazoa (porifera) .dm File

Eumetazoa (coelenterata) .dm File

Phylum (Platyhelminthes) .dm File

Phylum (Nemathelminthes) .dm File

Worms .dm File

General characteristics of insects .dm File

Arthropoda .dm File

Starfish and snail .dm File

Mollusca .dm File

Hemichordata and chordates .dm File

Difference between vertebrates and invertebrates .dm File

Chordata (protochordata) .dm File

Fish and amphibia .dm File

Chordates and mammals .dm File

Fish .dm File

Reptiles and birds .dm File

Superclass Pisces .dm File

Super class - Tetrapoda .dm File

Class-Reptilia .dm File

Class Aves .dm File

Class-Mammalia .dm File

Binomial nomenclature .dm File

Rules of Nomenclature .dm File

Motion .dm File

Uniform Motion .dm File

Non-uniform motion .dm File

Speed .dm File

Velocity .dm File

Constant Velocity .dm File

Acceleration .dm File

Retardation .dm File

Graphs and their Uses .dm File

Graph (Introduction) .dm File

Graph (Uses) .dm File

Speed ? time graph .dm File

Equations of Motion (Using Graph) .dm File

Types of Motion .dm File

Distance and Displacement .dm File

Uniform Circular Motion (Introduction) .dm File

Uniform Circular Motion .dm File

Balanced Forces .dm File

Interacting Forces .dm File

Newton's First Law of Motion .dm File

Galileo's Experiments .dm File

Inertia .dm File

Galileo's Experiments and the Law of Inertia .dm File

Momentum and Newton's Second Law of Motion .dm File

Mass of Earth .dm File

Newton's Third Law of Motion .dm File

Conservation of Linear Momentum .dm File

Gravitation .dm File

Centripetal Force .dm File

Factors Affecting Centripetal Force .dm File

Motion of Planets around the Sun .dm File

Kepler's Laws .dm File

Satellites in Orbits .dm File

Kepler's First Law of Planetary Motion .dm File

Kepler?s Second Law of Planetary Motion .dm File

Kepler's Third Law of Planetary Motion .dm File

Newton's Universal law of Gravitation .dm File

Newton?s Third Law and Gravitation .dm File

Weightlessness .dm File

Mass and Weight .dm File

Types of Machines .dm File

Simple Machines (Part - 1) .dm File

Simple Machines (Part - 2) .dm File

Work and Energy .dm File

Work Done by a Constant Force .dm File

Energy .dm File

Different Forms of Energy .dm File

Transformation of Energy .dm File

Kinetic Energy .dm File

Potential Energy .dm File

Elasticity and Potential Energy .dm File

Elastic Potential Energy .dm File

Conservation of Energy .dm File

Work (Activity-1) .dm File

Power .dm File

Electric Power .dm File

Sound .dm File

Sound Produced from a Tuning Fork .dm File

The Propagation of Sound Waves through Air .dm File

Sound Propagation in Air .dm File

Nature of Propagation of Sound .dm File

Propagation of Sound Waves through Different Media .dm File

Waves .dm File

Longitudinal and Transverse Waves .dm File

Characteristics of Sound Wave .dm File

Speed of Sound .dm File

Effect of Temperature, Humidity, and Wind on the Speed of So .dm File

Reflection of Sound .dm File

Hearing Aid - Reflection of Sound .dm File

Echo .dm File

Applications of Echo .dm File

Reverberation .dm File

Sound from Stringed Instruments .dm File

Musical Sound and Noise .dm File

Loudness and Pitch .dm File

Sound Quality or Timbre .dm File

Infrasonics and Ultrasonics .dm File

SONAR .dm File

Health .dm File

Healthy life .dm File

Cholera (Cellular damage) .dm File

Diarrhoea .dm File

Filariasis .dm File

AIDS .dm File

Viral diseases (Measles, Mumps, Rabies) .dm File

Bacterial diseases (Typhoid and Cholera) .dm File

Chickenpox .dm File

Immune disease - AIDS .dm File

Hypertension & high blood pressure .dm File

Viruses .dm File

Protozoans .dm File

Bacteria and Virus .dm File

Microbes-II (Hepatitis) .dm File

The microbial world .dm File

Malaria .dm File

Effect of Antibiotics .dm File

Vaccination .dm File

Composition of Air .dm File

Air .dm File

Air Masses .dm File

Winds .dm File

Convection .dm File

Rain .dm File

Water Vapour .dm File

Air pollution .dm File

Sources of Air Pollution .dm File

Causes of Air Pollution .dm File

Dust and Smoke .dm File

Methods of controlling air pollution .dm File

Water .dm File

Uses of water .dm File

Water : The cradle of life .dm File

Properties of water .dm File

Magic of Water .dm File

Physical Properties of Water .dm File

Causes and prevention of water pollution .dm File

Water pollution .dm File

Effect of Temperature on the Solubility of Gases and Thermal .dm File

Soil constituents .dm File

What does the Soil Contain? .dm File

Experiment to study various soil particles .dm File

Formation of soil .dm File

Soil erosion .dm File

Biogeochemical cycles .dm File

Interconversion of the states of matter (water) .dm File

Water cycle .dm File

Nitrogen fixation .dm File

Carbon cycle .dm File

The Global warming .dm File

Oxygen cycle .dm File

Ozone layer .dm File

Structure of neuron APK .apk File

Electronic Configuration and the Position of an Element in t .jpg File

Volume of a Cylinder APK .apk File

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