12TH BIOLOGY (Advance)

12TH BIOLOGY (Advance)

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12TH BIOLOGY (Advance)



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Types of reproduction (Asexual reproduction) .dm File

Sexual and asexual reproduction .dm File

Bacterial transformation and conjugation .dm File

Vegetative propagation .dm File

Underground stem modifications .dm File

Sexual reproduction in animals .dm File

Events in sexual reproduction .dm File

Typical flower .dm File

Pollen Development .dm File

Gynoecium: apocarpous and syncarpous .dm File

Development of female gametophyte .dm File

Pollination .dm File

Types of pollination .dm File

Types of cross-pollination .dm File

Adaptation for self and cross pollination .dm File

Sexual reproduction in flowering plants .dm File

Development of seeds .dm File

Types of seeds .dm File

Maize seed .dm File

Simple fruits .dm File

Fruits .dm File

Male reproductive system (Anatomy and physiology) .dm File

Female reproductive anatomy .dm File

Sex hormones .dm File

Menstrual Cycle .dm File

Fertilization and implantation in humans .dm File

Embryonic development .dm File

Scientific methods for family planning - Contraceptives .dm File

AIDS .dm File

In vitro fertilization .dm File

Mendel's monohybrid crosses .dm File

Law of segregation .dm File

Variation .dm File

Chromosomes, genes and DNA .dm File

Prokaryotic chromosome .dm File

Polytene chromosome .dm File

Lampbrush chromosome .dm File

Complete linkage in Drosophila .dm File

Incomplete linkage in Drosophila .dm File

Sex-linked genes .dm File

Crossing over (Meiosis) .dm File

Sex determination .dm File

Sex determination (Drosophila melanogaster) .dm File

Quantitative inheritance .dm File

Mutation .dm File

Gene Mutation .dm File

Karyotype .dm File

Haemoglobin and Sickle cell anaemia .dm File

Autosomal recessive disorders .dm File

Autosomal recessive disorders (Inborn errors of metabolism) .dm File

Origin of chromosomal abnormalities .dm File

Genome mutation (Euploidy) .dm File

Autosomal Aneuploidy .dm File

Sex chromosomal aneuploidy .dm File

Hershey Chase experiment .dm File

Complex structure of DNA .dm File

Chromatin structure .dm File

Protein synthesis (Translation) .dm File

Gene Mutation .dm File

Mutation .dm File

The origin of universe and big bang theory .dm File

Origin of the earth .dm File

Chemical origin of life .dm File

Origin of life (Biological) .dm File

Urey Miller's Experiment .dm File

Organic evolution (Embryological evidences) .dm File

Organic evolution (Anatomical evidences) .dm File

Organic evolution (Cytological and physiological evidences) .dm File

Evidences of evolution (Vestigial organs) .dm File

Survival of the fittest & example of natural selection .dm File

Theories of evolution .dm File

Health .dm File

Micro-organisms as foes and friends .dm File

Bacterial diseases (Typhoid and Cholera) .dm File

Diarrhoea .dm File

Viral diseases (Influenza and polio) .dm File

Malaria .dm File

Cellular damage in malaria .dm File

Filariasis .dm File

Mycoplasma .dm File

First line of Defense .dm File

Structure of antibody .dm File

Role of neutrophils in the immune system .dm File

Third line of defense .dm File

Vaccination .dm File

Types of vaccines .dm File

Allergy .dm File

Lymphatic system .dm File

AIDS .dm File

Cancer .dm File

Nanomedicine .dm File

Smoking - A dangerous habit .dm File

Effect of drug and alcohol on the nervous system .dm File

Animal husbandry .dm File

Bee-keeping (Apiculture) .dm File

Application of Antisense Technology .dm File

Mycoprotein .dm File

Tissue culture .dm File

Application of tissue culture .dm File

Somatic hybridization .dm File

Useful microbes .dm File

Yeast in fermentation .dm File

Industrial production of enzymes .dm File

Wastewater Treatment .dm File

Nitrogen fixation .dm File

Recombinant DNA replication and transfer .dm File

Application of genetic engineering .dm File

Gene amplification using PCR .dm File

Application of Antisense Technology .dm File

Application of genetic engineering .dm File

Gene Therapy (SCID) .dm File

Stem cells .dm File

Monoclonal antibodies .dm File

Gene amplification using PCR .dm File

Genomics and cloning .dm File

Living organisms and their environment .dm File

Adaptation .dm File

Plants adapted to a desert habitat .dm File

Desert adaptations .dm File

Mangrove .dm File

Causes of population growth .dm File

Relationships due to interdependence .dm File

Ecosystem .dm File

Factors affecting ecosystem .dm File

Soil decomposers .dm File

Energy flow in an ecosystem .dm File

Food chain and Food web .dm File

Ecological pyramids .dm File

Ecological succession in ponds .dm File

Biogeochemical cycles .dm File

Carbon cycle .dm File

Phosphorus cycle .dm File

Environmental pollution .dm File

Air pollution .dm File

Sources of Air Pollution .dm File

Methods of controlling air pollution .dm File

Water pollution .dm File

Causes and prevention of water pollution .dm File

Biomagnification .dm File

Eutrophication .dm File

Wastewater Treatment .dm File

Land pollution .dm File

Plastic recycling .dm File

Global warming .dm File

Ozone layer .dm File

Soil erosion .dm File

Protein synthesis (Translation) .mp4 File

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