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This course is all about latest GST in India and course material is free of cost but charges only for test series.

Latest news and latest question and answers about GST.1) GST 2) Basics of GST 3) Benefits of GST 4) Returns 5) ITC 6) Registration 7) Assessment and Audit 8) Demand and Recovery 9) Prosecution and Compunding 10) Payment of Taxes 11) Procedures under GST


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CGST Rate_schedule .pdf File

CGST_Exempt Goods .pdf File

CGST_Concessional Rates .pdf File

CGST_Reverse Charge .pdf File

CGST_Restriction of ITC .pdf File

CGST_CSD Supplies 50 Percent Refund .pdf File

CGST_CSD Refund .pdf File

CGST_Reverse Charge upto Rs.5000 .pdf File

CGST_Exemption from TDS .pdf File

CGST_Margin Scheme .pdf File

CGST_Annexure_Supply of Services .pdf File

CGST_Exemption on Supply of Services .pdf File

CGST_Categories of Services under RCM .pdf File

CGST_Neither Supply of Goods nor Services .pdf File

CGST_Supplies not eligible for refund of unutilized credit .pdf File

CGST_Special Agencies entitled to claim refund .pdf File

CGST_Intra State supplies by ecommerce operators .pdf File

CGST_Reduced Rate of Tax on Fertilizers .pdf File

101st Constitution Amm.Act .pdf File

CGST Act .pdf File

IGST Act .pdf File

UPGST Act .pdf File

UT GST Act .pdf File

UPGST Rules .pdf File

UPGST Rules Amnd. 1st .pdf File

CGST Rules .pdf File

IGST Rules .pdf File

UPGST Rules Amnd. 2nd .pdf File

CBEC .pdf File

e-Commerce Sector .pdf File

Employer Employee .pdf File

Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts .pdf File

Export Sector .pdf File

General FAQs_1 .pdf File

General FAQs_2 .pdf File

Gold & Jwellery Sector .pdf File

Handicrafts Sector .pdf File

MCX .pdf File

Mining Sector .pdf File

MSME Sector .pdf File

Oil & Gas Sector .pdf File

Pharma Sector .pdf File

Textile Sector .pdf File

UP eWay Bill_Adv.Narendra Sharma .pdf File

No_857_30062017_Second hand goods .pdf File

Export LUT_28072017 .pdf File

E Way Bill nd TDF_09082017 .pdf File

All Forms Summarized .pdf File

GSTP Forms .pdf File

Refund Forms .pdf File

Registration Forms .pdf File

CGST Rate Schedule_28062017 .pdf File

HSN Codes _ Rates .pdf File

HSN Wise Goods Rate .pdf File

IGST Rate Schedule_28062017 .pdf File

No.1_Bring Sections of CGST into effect .pdf File

No.2_Jurisdiction of Central Tax Officers .pdf File

No.3_CST Rules on Reg. _ Composition .pdf File

No.4_gst.gov.in as Common Electronic portal .pdf File

No.5_Exemption to certain persons .pdf File

No.6_Mode of Verification under CGST Rules .pdf File

No.7_Amm. to Not. No.3 .pdf File

No.8_Turnover limit for composition .pdf File

No.9_In force certain Sections wef 010717.pdf .pdf File

No.10_Amm.to CGST Rules Not.No.3 .pdf File

No.11_Amm. to Not.No.6 .pdf File

No.12_No.of HSN Digits on Tax Invoice .pdf File

No.13_Rate of Interest under CGST .pdf File

No.14_Jurisdiction _ Powers to Directorates .pdf File

No.15_Amm. to Not.No.10 .pdf File

No.16_Furnishing LOU without paying IGST .pdf File

No.17_Amm. to CGST Rules .pdf File

No.18_Time extension for GSTR-1 July -Aug .pdf File

No.19_Time extension for GSTR-2 July -Aug .pdf File

No.20_Time extension for GSTR-3 July-Aug .pdf File

No.21_Date of GSTR 3B for July-Aug .pdf File

No.22_Amm.CGST Rules .pdf File

No.23_Date extended to 28 Aug for 3B in certain cases .pdf File

About Gst_Adv. Pradeep Agarwal .pdf File

CBEC 100 FAQ .pdf File

All GST RETURN Filing .mp4 File

Filing GSTR 3B LIVE DEMO through GSTIN Portal .mp4 File

Filing of Returns under GST .mp4 File

GST Return 2 For Inward Supplies .mp4 File

GST Tran 1 - Complete Guide ( LIVE DEMO ) .mp4 File

GSTR 3B - Schedule for August and September .mp4 File

How to file GST returns with matching of credits .mp4 File

Live Demo GSTR1 Offline Return Utility .mp4 File

PPT_on_returns .pdf File

Return-formats .pdf File

Types of GST Returns Explained in HINDI .mp4 File

Basic_conditions_for_ITC_in_GST_Hindi .mp4 File

Input_Tax_Credit_Explanation_in_Hindi .mp4 File

When_will_ITC_not_be_available_Hindi .mp4 File

Input_Tax_Credit .mp4 File


Benefits_of_Registration_in_GST .mp4 File

Practical_issues_in_Registration_threshold_limit .mp4 File

Practical_issues_when_registration_is_mandatory .mp4 File

Registration_LIVE_Demo_(Hindi) .mp4 File

Registration_required_without_Threshold_Limit .mp4 File

When_to_take_registration_in_GST_(Hindi) .mp4 File

Who_does_not_need_REGISTRATION_(HINDI) .mp4 File

Analysis_of_E_Way_Bill_Rules_CA_VINAMAR_GUPTA .pdf File

E_Way_bill_Notification .pdf File

E_Way_Bill_Hindi .mp4 File

Exports .pdf File

Margin_scheme_in_GST .pdf File

Textiles .pdf File

Who_needs_to_Register_in_GST_on_1st_July_2017 .mp4 File

registration1_gst_formats .pdf File

selection_(1) .pdf File

All_HC_Passwod_Issue .pdf File

All_HC_Writ_Migration .pdf File

All_HC_Writ_Uid_Password .pdf File

Delhi_HC_ Writ_IGST Adj. .pdf File

Kerala_HC_Detension_of_goods .pdf File

Accounts_ Records .pdf File

Appeals_and_Review_Meachanism .pdf File

SC_GST_Collection in_eAuction .pdf File

Casual_Taxable_Person .pdf File

Composite_Supply_ Mixed_Supply .pdf File

GST_Practitioners .pdf File

Imports .pdf File

Input_Service_Distributorin .pdf File

Input_Tax_Credit_Mechanism .pdf File

Inspection_Search_Seizure_and_Arrest .pdf File

Job-Work .pdf File

Margin_Scheme .pdf File

National_Antiprofiteering_Authority .pdf File

Online_Information_Data_Base_Access .pdf File

Provisional_Assessment_Revised .pdf File

Pure_Agent .pdf File

Recovery_of_Tax .pdf File

Refunds .pdf File

Reverse_Charge_Mechanism .pdf File

Supply .pdf File

Tax_Invoice .pdf File

TCS_Mechanism .pdf File

TDS_Mechanism .pdf File

Transition_Provision .pdf File

Valuation .pdf File

Registrationnew .pdf File

Returnsnew .pdf File

Benefits Of GST .pdf File

Aggregate Turbover .pdf File

IGST .pdf File

National Anti-Profiteering Authority in GST .pdf File

Transition Forms .pdf File

Return Forms .pdf File

Payment Forms .pdf File

E_Way_Bill_checklist .pdf File

E_way_bill_Final .pptx File

E_Way_Bill_Provisions_in_GST_Web .pdf File

e_way_bill_Rajasthan_Hindi .pdf File

FAQ_1_for_eWay_Bill .pdf File

FAQs_2_for_eWay_Bill .pdf File

gst_e_way_bill .mp4 File

GST_Series_(English)_All_about_E_WAY_Bill .mp4 File

List_of_Goods_not_liable_for_E_way_Bill(WAY .mp4 File

Appeals_Revision_in_GST_Presentation .pdf File

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